Adventure Dog Ranch FAQ'S:

Marysville's Premier, Cage-Free Dog Boarding, Daycare and Training Facility
How Long Have You Been Doing This?

We opened Adventure Dog Ranch in the Fall of 2007.  In the 10 years prior to life at the Ranch, Steve worked at a few other free-range dog boarding facilities and a Vetrinary hospital. Before that he was a proud member of Local 292 Laborer’s Union (Asbestos Abatement and Traffic Control) and before that, a United States Marine.  
Kerri worked in Global Network Operations and Information Technology for many years prior to the opening of Adventure Dog Ranch. We opened right as the bottom fell out of the economy and after 3 months in operation, Kerri’s IT job was outsourced overseas.  She says that she found both the economy in 2007 and not much money coming in, “highly motivational.”  After months of sending out resume’s she decided she would dedicate all her efforts to helping Steve build the business. After all, they had “nothing to lose but everything.”  Kerri has also worked as Computer / Network Technician and as a professional musician.  You can hear some of her songs as background music to our Youtube videos. 

How Long Will My Dog Get To Play?

Except for Meal Times, and a little nap to encourage digestion afterwards, Your dog will be out with the Pack, Playing All Day Long.

Will My Dog Be Put in a Crate?

Crating is done, ONLY at the Customers Request. We realize that some dogs feel safest in their crates at night. It’s all up to the customer.

Why Do I Have To Bring My Own Dog Food?

Abrupt changes in your dog’s diet can cause intestinal distress. Veterinarians recommend that changes in your pets food, be made gradually, over time. By Providing your own dog food, you can help your best friend avoid digestive upset and intestinal distress… (Yep, Doggy Diarrhea,) Not pleasant for us, you and especially not fun for your pet.

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How Big is Your Facility and Is It Fully Fenced?

Our Facility is located on 5 acres. Our 1st play yard is 14,400 sq. ft , and we’ve completed construction of an additional 10,000 Sq. ft play area We will continue to add more fencing as time and finances allow. We plan to eventually enclose the entire 5 acre parcel.
The “Dog House” currently Consists of 2 Dog Bedrooms that can each accommodate up to 6 dogs each. We have a much larger indoor playroom that doubles as a dog bedroom. Room 3 can accomodate up to 10 dogs. Our office is almost completed, but we’re considering turning it into another dog room… Stay tuned!

Why Do People Send Their Dogs To Doggy Daycare? The Benefits of Doggie Daycare:

People that work all day realize that their dogs get bored without them home. These same people want to fulfill their dogs and provide them with adequate exercise, socialization and play time. Dogs are a lot like children, to grow into the animals that they’re meant to be, they need the basics, Nutrition, Shelter, Love and Rules. We can provide all of these things for your pet while you’re at work. Imagine how good it feels to know your dog is having a great time while you’re at work. Imagine how great it is to come home to a dog that has already had it’s exercise for the day. Then you can curl up on the couch with a book and your best friend. Your pet knows how much you love them because you’ve provided for all of their needs, even when you couldn’t be there yourself.

Our motto? A tired dog is a happy dog.

(Click here to see our Daycare page.)

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to arrival date. Our customers rely on us to provide advance, verified reservations before they can finalize their family vacation or business travel plans.  We must ensure that every reservation we accept is highly likely to occur, so that we can provide our service to as many clients as possible.

Late cancellations are highly discouraged. 


We are located at

14914 2nd Ave NE  Marysville, WA 98271

Note all visitations are by Appointment Only!

My Pet is on Meds can he still stay with you?

Yes. We can administer your pets ORAL and TOPICAL medications at no additional charge, as long as you’ve provided us with the medication and detailed written instructions on the  online, Jot form, Owner_Dog_Info Form.

What if my pet becomes ill or injured?

In the event of any emergency affecting your pet, we will always try to reach you and/or your emergency contact immediately.

We reserve the right to take your pet to the nearest, available Veterinary professional for emergent, necessary medical care.

You will be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred during your pets stay.

Your Dog Deserves Adventure!

Going on Vacation?

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Do you require a deposit in advance of a boarding visit?

We require a $50 Non-Refundable deposit for all major US calendar holidays, i.e. Christmas, July 4th, Memorial Day. A 50% deposit for stays of longer than 3 weeks is also greatly appreciated. We request that our cancellation policy be strictly adhered to by our clients.

In the future we may be forced to require a deposit for all boarding stays, but for now, we would rather trust our clients to do the right thing, which is to provide us with two weeks notice in event of cancellation.

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