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Marysville's Premier, Cage-Free Dog Boarding, Daycare and Training Facility

Snoopy the 3 legged dog hangs out with Shadow the cattle dog


Dog Boarding

Boarding dogs get to play all day with the pack and at night they sleep with up to 6 of their best buddies in our heated and well ventilated bedroom-sized rooms

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Artimus the golden doodle

Doggy Daycare

Drop ’em off in the morning, pick ’em up in the afternoon. You’ve got a happy and tired dog at the end of the day. A tired dog is a happy dog.

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Trainer Steve meets Elliot the Labradoodle

Dog Training

Our Board and Train program is extremely popular and often booked to capacity. It entails all the properties of our free-range boarding but with the addition of significant in pack and one on one training.

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Vacation Time Is Here! 

Your family has scrimped, saved and planned the ultimate, dream vacation.

Your Only Problem? 

The Resort you’ve booked has a motto: “No Dogs Allowed.”

What Is a Dog Owner Supposed to Do?  

Whether You Are Planning a Romantic Getaway for Two, or the Ultimate Family Vacation; We Have You Covered!

You Get Luxury and Peace of Mind, Fido Gets “Adventure!”

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Adventure Dogs

Can my dog be an Adventure Dog?


What Exactly is Adventure Dog Ranch?
It’s Adventure for Your Dog. Romping, Playing and Socialization.

We are now in our 10th year of providing your dog with a happy, fun and safe place to stay. Adventure Dog Ranch is fully licensed and insured and we strive to offer the very best in canine care. We provide Cage-Free, Free-Range dog boarding which is a vast improvement over the traditional kennels of days gone by. Our 25,000+ Sq. feet of securely fenced, outdoor play area provides our daycare and boarding dogs with plenty of room for even the rowdiest pups to run.

Your best friend receives all of the benefits listed above, and you get the peace of mind that comes with leaving your best friend with people that truly understand dogs and love spending time with them.

So your dog’s not Lassie? We also offer dog training for those dogs (and the humans that love them,) who haven’t quite yet figured out their respective places in the family hierarchy, as well as those that seem too independent and stubborn to learn. Every dog has something that they desire enough to work for it… for some it’s food, for some it’s play and for others it’s affection. Finding what motivates your dog is only a small part of the battle. We have the skills needed to face these challenges and to help to restore peace to your home.

We are not a typical kennel. Aside from the ever present odor of disinfectant and the presence of dogs, most comparisons end right there. Our boarding dogs sleep indoors in bedrooms, not chain link dog runs. Our dogs have comfortable Cots, blankets and beds and heated rooms just like home. You won’t find any cages here… although we do allow dog crates for those dogs that sleep in them at home, dogs in training and owners that prefer that their dogs sleep in their crates.

The entire concept of Adventure Dog Ranch revolves around the following:
What does your dog want to do today?

Dogs love to run and play, so do we. It is our goal to provide your best friend with lots of love, exercise and stimulation in a safe, fun, loving environment.