Adventure Dog Ranch Cage-Free Dog Boarding:

Marysville's Premier, Cage-Free Dog Boarding, Daycare and Training Facility

So What is Cage-Free Dog Boarding Anyway?

Cage-Free Dog Boarding means that dogs are NOT Required to sleep in cages at night like in traditional dog kennels. Some of those places remind me of terrible prison movies gone bad and most weren’t good to begin with.  The majority of our canine guests sleep on comfortable cots, with clean, fleece, blankets. They do so in one of our four, communal, bedroom sized, rooms, (heated of course.) Our guests get to enjoy the company of up to 6 of their best buddies from the play yard. This is often a mix of Free-Ranging guests, guests that decided they wanted to try out a dog crate for the night…  (It happens more often than one would suspect,) and dogs crated at their human counterpart’s request.   If your dog lhappens to love their crate, we’re fine with that. We know enough about canine behavior to accomadate a dog’s denning instinct.  You can even bring their own crate and bedding with them, if that’s what they’re comfortable with. Comfort: That’s what we want to replicate.  It’s even more soothing to your dog, when it smells like you and of home. A ratty old T-shirt that is impregnated with your scent can be of great comfort to a dog that has never stayed away from home before. However, please don’t pack a favorite as we cannot guarantee the safe return of items left at the ranch. It’s far too common, that adventurous canines decide that t-shirt is the perfect item for a friendly game of “Tug.”

A warm, comfortable, dry place to sleep, Playmates and friends, kind people to show off for, exercise and tons of play time, good eats, the smells of nature, gentle hands giving belly rubs.  Yep. That sounds like the best comforts of home. And  if it smells just like their favorite people, all the better.

What Do You Mean by Free Range Dog Boarding?

Free-Range means: There is lots of room to run, romp and play. We have 3 different play yards here at the ranch. A small one that we use primarily for introductions (less ground to cover if we need to intervene, distract or simply change the tempo.) The Large upper play yard where the oversized pause table and agility equipment sits and the Lower play yard, home of a crooked, beleaguered, hemlock tree, that sadly is giving up the ghost and must soon come down. (Don’t worry, it will happen after hours.) I hate to see that tree go as I’ve seen a multitude of dogs try to climb it’s crooked trunk. I can only hope that the next shade tree we plant there, will grow quickly and with similar character and good vibes.

 Adventuredogs with pack leader steve

Adventure Dog Ranch is not a traditional kennel.

We specialize in making certain that the most energetic dogs get the most out of their “Vacation.” Dogs need a chance to be dogs. To hang out with their own species and they really need to exercise and play to feel fullfilled.

Well socialized dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and energy levels can safely gather, play and socialize under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff of pack leaders. Okay, most of the time it’s Steve, our illustrious owner. Early mornings and late afternoons, you’re just as likely to see Mrs. Alpha dog and webmaster, Kerri, communing with the pack.  We are a veteran owned, small family business and it’s rare for us to have more than 25 dogs in our care.    If your dog makes the cut… they truly are a “Lucky Dog!”

If you’d like a better idea of what a day at the ranch looks like for an overnight guest, please check out A Typical Day at Adventure Dog  Ranch on our Why Daycare? Page.


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