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Effective Immediately!

Holiday deposits have become mandatory for unestablished clients.

We will no longer Confirm your reservations until we have received all of your paperwork.

Online Dog and Owner Info Form


Required Paperwork Includes:

  • The Online Dog & Owner Info form                                                                                                             Alternately, you can use the .Doc / .PDF versions, linked), 
  • A signed, Service Agreement (PDF)  .DOC version is available here,
  • Fecal Floatation results
  • and Vaccination/Immunization records or recent titers.                                                                                  You can have the veterinarian email or fax the information directly to us at (360) 652 -2928 or email to

If we do not have your paperwork, it's likely that we don't have your full name, dog's history, email or phone number and therefore cannot follow up with you in a professional, responsible, prompt, and courteous manner.  

Deposits have also become mandatory for stays of over 3 weeks and for holiday reservations for unestablished clients. 

Download Service Agreement (pdf version.)

You can now submit the Online Owner & Dog Info form via Jot Forms. The Service Contract must be signed, therefore cannot be submitted via web-form.

This is our preferred method of receiving the Dog and Owner info form, as it saves Kerri a lot of time.  Please use it.
Please let me know if you have issues with this service.

If you have more than 2 dogs, you can submit it twice, using an alternate email the 2nd time through, or complete our "Extra-Dog Form," (PDF)  or the  .DOC version. 

We do prefer to get this information before your evaluation if possible, as the Dog & Owner Info form really does help us to get to know your dog,

Privacy Policy:

We still  have no “official privacy policy,” but here is the privacy policy and our promise to you, in a nutshell:

“We will never sell your information or share it with anyone outside of the realm of what it takes to do business with you. This information is only gathered to help us do our jobs more effectively, to contact you about your inquiry’s, to perform tasks related to the business that we endeavor to do together and to provide the best service that we possibly can to you and your pets.”

Steve Pinkston, Owner, Adventure Dog Ranch


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