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Test Drive Our Doggy Daycare Service Free!


Are you Worried about your dog “Fitting In” at the ranch?

Over the years we’ve helped a lot of dogs learn to socialize in an appropriate manner.  We are also very good, at what we do. (Check out our Yelp Reviews if you doubt my authority.)

Dogs that haven’t had much opportunity to socialize with others and even well socialized dogs tend to get out of to practice if they don’t get to be with other dogs on a regular basis.

We are now offering 1 free daycare session to every new client that “Likes” us on Facebook or mentions this page.

This free daycare session serves a couple of purposes: 


Adventure Dogs Andi and Owen pose for pictures

#1. It shows you, the potential client, how valuable our daycare service really is.

The only way a new client is going to realize how much better behaved a tired dog is, is to experience it for themselves. Most people don’t have 8-10 hours to play with their dog, so they really can’t fathom the impact daycare has on behavior, health and overall happiness.

#2. Extra Bonding Time Before A Boarding Stay.

This is a great benefit to owners whose dogs will be staying with us, especially for dogs that have never stayed away from home before and for former shelter dogs, It provides us with a little extra time to fully bond with us, for us to earn their trust. This bonding makes it a lot easier for your dog to adjust to our routine as they’ve already met us, had a lot of fun and still went home with you at the end of the day.

Consider it a test drive of our services. A trial run for boarding and an opportunity to discover how beneficial doggy daycare truly is. especially when you take home a tired and happy (if somewhat exhausted and groggy doggy;) When you see how exhuberant your dog acts upon his return to the ranch, you’ll realize how valuable this service really is and how much your dog loves coming to visit the ranch.

So go ahead, look into taking that vacation you’ve been putting off… Just make certain that you schedule your tour and evaluation well in advance of your travel dates. Keep in mind that we book up well in advance for major holidays and times when school is out of session.

Now for the boring requirements / legal stuff:
** The Free Test Drive is for New Clients Only.  Limit one free daycare session per customer, per dog.  All of the usual restrictions/requirements still apply.  Please visit our requirements page for more information.**

If your dog has never been socialized, training may be required to bring him or her up to the level where they can safely participate in group play.

The Tour/Evaluation process is designed to help us weed out any aggressive dogs in advance and keep everyone safe and happy. Tours and evaluations are only done on Saturday afternoons which is when we have additional staff on hand to care for the dogs while we discuss your dogs behaviors and needs.

We DO NOT accept Severe or Red Zone Aggression cases for training, daycare or boarding.


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