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High Octane Java’s Favorite Veterinarians:

Smokey Point Animal Hospital”

Our personal and “official” Veterinarian for over 10+ Years!
Dr. Ron Huitger DVM  is one of the good ones.  All of our pooches, (over the years,) have adored him. Java always acted like an appointment with Dr. Ron was the “Social Event” of the season,  wiggling sideways to greet every humanand canine  that she could reach while tethered to me.  Good Doctor,  pleasant staff and reasonable rates will keep us returning,

Smokey Point Animal Hospital Phone: (360) 653-4519

 Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital:

 Our Favorite 24×7 Veterinary Hospital in  Snohomish County/N King County Vicinity.                                                                                                                                  This is the place for life threatening emergencies, after normal business hours. 

All the bells and whistles, latest and greatest, in house tech + Top notch doctors.   
Of course, all this comes at a premium price.

Dr. Heidi and Dr. John saved my Java’s life.  I’m forever grateful for the extra years that granted us.
Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital Small Animal Emergency Phone: 360.568.9111                                                                                                                                              Non Emergency Small Animal Phone:  (360) 568-3113

Does your dog need a ride to Adventure Dog Ranch?

Checkout These Great Services!


Seattle Dog Taxi

Our friends at Seattle Dog Taxi are back in business and serving our facility



Dog Gone Taxi Transport for Animals


(425) 780-9241

email them at info@doggonetaxi.com


Here’s some great places to adopt a dog!

Ginger’s Pet Rescue

Tell Ginger that Steve & Kerri sent you!



 Progressive Animal Wellfare, PAWS


Seattle Humane Society



PAWSitive Alliance



The NOAH Center 



A Few More Site’s Worthy of a Look

The”Poop”on DogWasteDisposal:

(Why We Use ASTM D6400 Bio-Degradable Waste Bags and Proper Disposal Techniques:)


__________ READ THIS __________

****Artificial Sweetener Xylitol is ExtremelyToxic to Dogs****


Animal PoisonControl Center



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