Adventure Dog Ranch: Why Doggy Daycare?

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Why Doggy Daycare?

Honestly, Dog Daycare works.

Your dog gets to be with people, gets to socialize with other dogs and gets to play. Even older dogs have a need to socialize with their own species and it’s critical for the development of puppies. We can even help the skittish dogs gain confidence through daycare and training, making their lives better in the process.

Of course there are rules in any pack and with our guidance, your dog will quickly figure out what is considered acceptable behavior and what is not, allowing them to truly enjoy the experience.

We do require an on-site evaluation prior to providing any of our services, to determine how your dog will behave during pack play. These evaluations are usually performed on Saturday afternoons and are by appointment only. All dogs must be current on certain vaccinations or have recent Titers to enjoy pack play. You can get more details about what to expect during our evaluations on our evaluations page and find more about our requirements here

The biggest bonus of daycare may be, how much more you enjoy spending time with your dog when they’re not all wound up and frustrated. Frankly there’s nothing quite like a lovable, tired and somewhat groggy doggy. A dog who’s basic needs have been fulfilled is much more relaxed, joyful and is a much better companion.

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Skye, (aka Skye-Lab,) Cooling Off In One Of Our Splash Pools On A Hot Day. 

Here is a question we hear a lot:

“I have a really big, fenced yard for my dog to run in, while I’m gone all day. Isn’t that enough exercise?”

No, not really. We’ve found that a solitary dog rarely plays or exercises on it’s own accord. For a dog to have fulfilling exercise, it needs companionship and leadership. Dogs are social, pack animals. Unless there is another dog to play with, or a person around to be with, most dogs will simply wait by the fence or nap, until their people, (technically their pack,) return home from work.

In concept, a day left home alone, even if it is on acreage, is not that much different from leaving your dog in a crate all day, albeit a much, much larger crate.

Dogs crave our attention and companionship and rarely are they able to direct their energy into proper exercise without our leadership.

Most of us don’t find coming home and discovering that Fido has dug holes all over our yard, pleasing. However that is one way a fenced or confined dog will try to expend energy and in the canine world, it is an acceptable way to do so. However since domestication, dogs find themselves having to comply with more and more of our “People rules.”

Daycare can solve this dilemma. We have real live humans and other dogs to help your dog exercise through play and leadership.

Adventure Dog Ranch: Meeting the Needs of Dogs with Exercise and Leadership.

Most of the problems people have with their dogs are due to inconsistent leadership within the home and the direct result of the animal having an excess of pent-up energy.

Does your dog destroy furniture? Pace uncontrollably? Bark at every little noise?

These are symptoms that can lead to much bigger issues, such as Aggression towards people, if not addressed promptly and properly…

It is likely that poor Fido is Bored out of his Mind! More importantly, his most basic needs are not being met… The need for Leadership and Exercise!

Bringing your dog to a daycare facility such as Adventure dog ranch will help release this excess energy in a constructive way, resulting in a much happier, relaxed and calmer dog!


A Typical Day at the Ranch:


Dogs start arriving at the ranch as early as 06:00AM (Tues, Wed & Thurs) 07:30 (Mon & Fri.)  We must be notified in advance of early drop off’s. 

The Boarding Dogs are let out at 07:30 AM to relieve themselves and are then fed individually and returned to their sleeping quarters to digest and nap.

The daycare dogs are let out into the play yard upon arrival. Overly excited dogs that are not yet familiar with our regulars, may be given a few minutes in our introduction play yard, so that they may relieve themselves and sniff and greet the regular daycare dogs through the fence.

We find this helps them become familiar with the scents of the other dogs and of our environment. Once they settle down a little bit, we’ll bring in the most appropriate playmate for a face to face meeting, slowly adding more dog’s. If your dog is already extremely comfortable, he’ll be granted access to the large play yard with our regular daycare dogs. 

We like to take our time during the introduction phase as great friendships cannot be rushed and only your dog can tell us if he or she is truly ready to meet all the dogs. It is important to us that your dogs experience is a positive one. 

Around 10:15 the boarding dogs join the daycare dogs and the real fun begins. We romp, we run, we play follow the leader. We wrestle, we chase and we play amongst ourselves and with each other. 

We play all day, taking breaks and naps as necessary, until we begin feeding the boarding dogs around 4:15 PM (earlier in the winter time due to daylight constraints) and our daycare guests start going home. 

Boarding Guests get let out again at 9:30 PM to relieve themselves and they go right back to sleep because they’re worn out.




Libby and Chief Share a private moment

How much?
Daycare Fees Start at Only $25 per Day.

We Offer Generous Discounts for Multiple Visits Each Week and Multiple Dogs.


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